A big-business budget isn’t necessary to make your customers feel good about being your clients, and making them feel this way is absolutely necessary. Not only is making your customers happy important for them, it’s important for referral business as well. People talk about the companies they like, which means good things for you if you’ve managed to impress your clients. With that being said, sometimes finding budget-friendly ways to impress clients can be difficult. But not all “thank yous” involve a bottle of wine or lunch. Here are just a few creative ways to show customers you appreciate their business.

Send Them a Note                                                                 

People are all too used to receiving emails to their inboxes. They’re so used to it, in fact, that sometimes a simple letter in the mail not only excites them, but pleases them as well. A short ‘thank you’ note won’t cost you more than a card stock card and postage, and it can mean a lot to someone, especially if you’ve personalized it with your own words.

Learn About Them and Use That Knowledge

Let’s say you have a client that loves hard-rock candy. Every once and awhile, you send a few pieces in the mail for him, and he expresses that his daughters are a bit jealous that he gets all of the candy and they don’t get any. While this kind of statement is obviously playful, sending more candy along for his daughters is not only a personalized gesture, it’s one that shows the customer you’re listening – and it probably didn’t cost you more than a bit of time and a few dollars.

Focus on Them When They Need You

You’re a small company, which means you should act like one. Most small businesses actually get to know their customers simply because that’s how they acquire new ones. This means you should carefully consider their needs with they have a problem or complaint. While larger companies have to streamline care, smaller companies get the opportunity to take care of their customers in a more personal way. Take advantage of this and treat your customers like they deserve to be treated.

Your customers do matter, and they are the backbone of everything you do. Focus on them, make sure you get to know them, and keep good tabs on who they are and what they need. You’ll be surprised how much more they’ll appreciate you.


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