apple-icloud-ogrady-300x225Just a few days ago, a free update came to the iPhone, and if you’ve downloaded it, you’ve probably noticed just how much it changes the iPhone. While you’re exploring all of the new features and start getting used to the new interface, here are a few of the more prominent features that you may find useful.

New Block Feature

Without using a third party app, you can finally block unwanted texts and calls. It’s as simple as going into your settings, hitting the “Block” option and finding the number you wish to block. You can only choose someone from your contacts to block, however. If you want to block someone from texting you, you’ll need to go to your message settings and hit the “Block” option. Again, you can only choose one from your contacts. The person you’ve blocked will know they’ve been blocked, however. The phone will ring a few times before playing a busy signal. If you wish to contact someone you’ve blocked, you can do that at any time you wish, though they will be unable to contact you even after you initiate contact.

New iPhone Ringtones

The number of ringtones available on the iPhone is limited, and sometimes when everyone in your house has the same phone, it can be difficult to tell whose phone is ringing. In addition, hearing the same tone over and over again can get old. Apple has finally solved this issue by bringing more ringtones to the iPhone. Check out the new ones by going to your settings and then your sounds. If you scroll down, you can find all of the classic ringtones by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting “Classic”.

Control Center

With the new update, Apple has introduced a feature called the Control Center, which can be accessed by sliding your finger up from the bottom of any screen (including the lock screen). This will allow you to access a number of handy features, such as alarms, the flashlight, a calculator and the phone’s camera. You can even play with your song list, turn your WiFi on or off, and adjust the brightness of your screen. The Control Center acts as a Swiss army knife for your iPhone.

Background Updates

Finally, application updates can be done in the background, with no active participation from you. If you give them permission, all applications will automatically update when you connect to WiFi. This means you’ll never have any problem with having to update an app when you need to use it. If it kills your battery too quickly, then you can choose to turn it off or delay it until you have a chance to plug your phone in.

There are tons of new features iOS7 has in store, and you might find a few surprises along the way. Explore the new iOS thoroughly so you have a good grasp on it when you need to access something quickly.

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