business-graphics-1428656-mYour company, as a small company, probably doesn’t have a ton of dollars to share. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can start saving money today so nothing drastic has to change at your company. Below are just a few ways you can start saving a buck, but there are tons of corners you can cut that won’t affect your employees or customers in any way.

Use Your Time More Wisely                  

By using your time wisely, you’ll likely avoid overtime, which will save your company thousands a year. There are many time management strategies out there, but the strategy found to be most effective in the workplace is to minimize distractions. Scheduling periods of work with breaks in-between is also effective, and so is setting reasonable expectations for project deadlines.

Forget About Office Spaces

If you’re renting an office space when you have a perfectly good spare bedroom at home, why aren’t you doing something about that? There’s no reason to set up office at an expensive location when you can use the space you already have for a double use. Clients will understand if you need to meet them at a coffee shop instead of your office. Or, if you’re feeling particularly homey, you can instead meet them at your home office so they can see your humble roots.

Hire Remote Employees

Not every job, especially with the invention of the Internet, has to be done from a space near yours. Some jobs can be done just as well from thousands of miles away, meaning that you can hire whomever you’d like to do those jobs. Take your time and look for the right remote employees, as some of them aren’t going to be the best option for you because of skill or experience, but you’re bound to find someone eventually that won’t cost you nearly as much as a local employee.